Animal Friends

Aisha loves animals and is not afraid of them until we frighten her by saying it will haarm her. She runs behind the frogs, lizards, dragon flies and butterflies to catch them. Here are a few snaps of her.

Patting the kitten.

With her aunt's kitten 'sundarikutty'.

Holding her chick.
Feeding Bunnies.


So many weddings- II

This time it was hubby's cousin sister's wedding. The Nikah was done a week before the reception. In Kerala, on wedding day the relatives of the groom comes to the bride's home, dress her up and take her to the groom's home. In some part of Kerala the couple come back to the bride's home and spends the night there. Although Nikah means marriage where man and woman become husband and wife, in Kerala, Nikah is seen only as an engagement.
During the Nikah.
We bought a necklace for the bride, and Aisha wanted to wear it for sometime. I don't usually opt gold accessories for Aisha.
Gift for her Aunt.

We reached the place on the eve of the wedding and spent the night there. After dinner,  the family was grouped according to the gender, and we started singing. Aisha started dancing! We sang till 1:00 am, and it was only after that did Aisha go to sleep.
Wedding Day.
Since Aisha has become more social now, I don't have to worry much about her. But the missing-event of last marriage has made me more alert. I don't want to miss her again!



Masha Allah, Aisha learned Surath-al-Ikhlas by heart. She needs to concentrate on her pronunciation  but , Alhamdulillah, she did fine. Proud mom!


Splash in a pond.

I wish I was a child once more...

The Aambal or Indian Water Lily grown in the pond.


Weaning Part II

Alhamdulillah, so far so good. I've completed task one. Aisha no more asks me for 'milk' when we are out of our home, for not more that one day. She sleeps in the car during her afternoon nap. And yes, I've switched back to front-closed dresses rather than front-open dresses I used while nursing Aisha.
So now, we are heading for the next task, decide on another option for pain reliever.