The Chocolate Bowl.

My SIL made some chocolate today and the bowl...

Aisha and her cousins.


Meeting Ma's Friends.

My roommates decided to meet once again to refresh our friendship. And here is a snap of Aisha with the kids of her Ma's friends.


A very bad Christmas.

My elder SIL was in pregnant and not feeling well after we returned from the marriage. So they went to the hospital the next day, and she was in labor. But since her earlier deliveries were by C-sections, the doctors immediately proceeded with the surgery. We had another little girl in our family - I was happy. My brother's kids, my niece and nephew, were staying with us and everyone of us was happy - we planned to visit the hospital the next day to see the mom and the newborn.
I heard the phone ring at 6:00 am on Christmas morning, and I thought it was from the hospital calling us remind something. My father attended the call and the he called me to say that the baby has passed away. I couldn't believe! But then my brother explained to me that there was a problem of class 2 Placental abruption and the baby was in critical condition. I didn't know how to reveal the news to my niece and nephew.
During breakfast time, my Aunty explained the situation to my 6 year old nephew - who bore the news more strongly than I thought. His explanation was simple, "I have to look after my sister, Aisha and my younger cousin brother. So it is good that the baby is gone."
By 10:00 am, my brother and mother brought the baby home - she was a beautiful little angel! I'll never forget the small face behind the white clothes. Here comes a mate for my son in heaven, Hamdu mon.
I can still here the shouts of my 3 year old niece, "Don't take my baby to the graveyard!"
Allah loves us a lot. I'm sure that is the reason why he took two of our kids - mine and now my brother's. And I'm happy to know that they are enjoying their life in heaven while waiting for their families. But I'll miss them a lot. A lot.


So many weddings - I

Christmas time means wedding time. With the long vacation and the cooler climate, people tend to put their weddings during this time of the year. We had some four marriages, but due to Aisha's fever, I was only able to attend three of them.

Wedding Eve.
The first wedding was my cousin sister's. We went to the bride's home on the eve of the wedding, and Aisha and myself spent the night there. I wanted to stay with my Grandma for the night. Aisha played with the kids, most of them my cousins and some of them my nieces and nephews. She was tired and went to bed earlier than usual.
In the morning, Aisha surprised me by having Paratha for breakfast. I have never seen her eat Paratha until now. She never liked it. When she saw the kids eating it, she fell in love with it. My aunties made fun of me when they saw Aisha eating the Paratha, after I have explained to them that she don't like it.
Wedding day.
Aisha has become more friendly towards kids. She is not afraid of people with whom I interact often, my cousin sisters and aunties. When she saw my FIL, her grandpa at the function, she immediately jumped to him. I was happy to see her gone with someone else and I came to chat with my relatives. And then I had a shock - something that I'll never forget my entire life.
My FIL called me to ask me if Aisha is with me. I said no, and he said that Aisha is also not with him. It seems someone called him and when he was talking to the person, he asked my brother to look after Aisha. Aisha came inside, and since men are not allowed inside, my brother stayed outside. He thought Aisha has come to me, while actually Aisha was playing with one of the kids. I started looking for Aisha all around the place, in the garden and in the neighboring houses. The marriage event was spread in three of my uncles houses, and I ran to all three. I was scared to death - I looked up and down the road doubting if some one has kidnapped her, God forbid! I felt horror and sorrow finding its way up to my throat. I felt tired and weak, but couldn't rest. I don't know what all feelings passed through me during those couple of minutes when Aisha went missing. And then suddenly my SIL came to me holding Aisha, saying that she was playing! Alhamdulillah... Alhamadulillah a hundred thousand times... and more!!


Wedding Bells.

And at last the day came... and went. It was my brother's wedding yesterday. Aisha's dad came home on Saturday to attend the wedding. Aisha was a bit shy when she saw her dad, after a week. We went to my would-be sis-in-law's home on Saturday night to give her the wedding dress for the next day. We returned home late and Aisha played with her cousins till midnight. I was really worried if Aisha would throw a tantrum tomorrow, with so many guests to irritate her.
Although Aisha was shy and didn't socialize with the guests, she wasn't as fretful as I thought - I was anticipating an angry Aisha with lots of people around her. Once at the bride's place, Aisha was happy to see her grandpa, my father-in-law. The balloons also made her happy and playful. She was running around the place with my nephew and niece. After Nikah and lunch, we returned home and I put Aisha to sleep. Aisha slept till evening, and by that time the guests have gone and only some close relatives stayed behind. Aisha soon got closer to her new Aunt, my new sis-in-law.
The wedding day.


Wedding Snaps.

Aisha and her cousins at the catering area of my brother's wedding.


Weaning Part I

Aisha is two years and one month old, which means I've to start planning about stopping breast feeding her. I don't want to go for the cold turkey approach followed by most people in our community and so I had to think out and work on a new plan. I decided to break the task into sub tasks and complete one task each month. Actually I wanted to breastfeed Aisha until she was 2 and a half years old, like I said in one of my earlier posts. I took this decision when Aisha was born.
People often advised me that nursing kids even after two years will make weaning difficult. Thanks for the advice, but I have my own reasons for keeping up with lactation for another six months. First, I think Mom's milk has got no substitute - so why deny your kid one of the best things she can ever get in her life?
The second and my personal reason behind feeding Aisha for another six months is to protect my own health. I've lost a child during my first delivery, and I've suppressed lactation at the time. I've also thrown the expressed milk down the basin - a deed that takes all your senses away when you do it. It makes you feel sad, mad and very very bad. So something inside me asks me to give away the lost milk to Aisha - I know I look weird to all of you.
Third reason is the scientific reason. Breast feeding reduces breast cancer. Since I was not able to feed a child during my first delivery, I think I am more prone to breast cancer. So, may be feeding Aisha might help.
The last and fourth reason, I want Aisha to feel the safety and security she gets while I nurse her for a longer time. At least till she is two and half years old.
Coming back to the process of stopping breastfeeding, I think I'll follow the steps:
1. During the first month, I'll stop feeding her while we are out of our home.
2. The next step is to feed her while putting her to sleep, during her sleep time and when she hurts herself. Nursing is a pin reliever for kids.
3. Feed her only while putting her to sleep and during her sleep.
4. Feed her during sleep only. (I think this will be riskier as she won't go to sleep without nursing).
5. Stop feeding her completely.
Wish me luck!