A very bad Christmas.

My elder SIL was in pregnant and not feeling well after we returned from the marriage. So they went to the hospital the next day, and she was in labor. But since her earlier deliveries were by C-sections, the doctors immediately proceeded with the surgery. We had another little girl in our family - I was happy. My brother's kids, my niece and nephew, were staying with us and everyone of us was happy - we planned to visit the hospital the next day to see the mom and the newborn.
I heard the phone ring at 6:00 am on Christmas morning, and I thought it was from the hospital calling us remind something. My father attended the call and the he called me to say that the baby has passed away. I couldn't believe! But then my brother explained to me that there was a problem of class 2 Placental abruption and the baby was in critical condition. I didn't know how to reveal the news to my niece and nephew.
During breakfast time, my Aunty explained the situation to my 6 year old nephew - who bore the news more strongly than I thought. His explanation was simple, "I have to look after my sister, Aisha and my younger cousin brother. So it is good that the baby is gone."
By 10:00 am, my brother and mother brought the baby home - she was a beautiful little angel! I'll never forget the small face behind the white clothes. Here comes a mate for my son in heaven, Hamdu mon.
I can still here the shouts of my 3 year old niece, "Don't take my baby to the graveyard!"
Allah loves us a lot. I'm sure that is the reason why he took two of our kids - mine and now my brother's. And I'm happy to know that they are enjoying their life in heaven while waiting for their families. But I'll miss them a lot. A lot.

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Bonnie said...

I don't know what to say except I am SO sorry. You are all in my prayers. May Allah grant your Brother and his wife complete peace and healing of their hearts xxx