Wedding Bells.

And at last the day came... and went. It was my brother's wedding yesterday. Aisha's dad came home on Saturday to attend the wedding. Aisha was a bit shy when she saw her dad, after a week. We went to my would-be sis-in-law's home on Saturday night to give her the wedding dress for the next day. We returned home late and Aisha played with her cousins till midnight. I was really worried if Aisha would throw a tantrum tomorrow, with so many guests to irritate her.
Although Aisha was shy and didn't socialize with the guests, she wasn't as fretful as I thought - I was anticipating an angry Aisha with lots of people around her. Once at the bride's place, Aisha was happy to see her grandpa, my father-in-law. The balloons also made her happy and playful. She was running around the place with my nephew and niece. After Nikah and lunch, we returned home and I put Aisha to sleep. Aisha slept till evening, and by that time the guests have gone and only some close relatives stayed behind. Aisha soon got closer to her new Aunt, my new sis-in-law.
The wedding day.

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