Weaning Part I

Aisha is two years and one month old, which means I've to start planning about stopping breast feeding her. I don't want to go for the cold turkey approach followed by most people in our community and so I had to think out and work on a new plan. I decided to break the task into sub tasks and complete one task each month. Actually I wanted to breastfeed Aisha until she was 2 and a half years old, like I said in one of my earlier posts. I took this decision when Aisha was born.
People often advised me that nursing kids even after two years will make weaning difficult. Thanks for the advice, but I have my own reasons for keeping up with lactation for another six months. First, I think Mom's milk has got no substitute - so why deny your kid one of the best things she can ever get in her life?
The second and my personal reason behind feeding Aisha for another six months is to protect my own health. I've lost a child during my first delivery, and I've suppressed lactation at the time. I've also thrown the expressed milk down the basin - a deed that takes all your senses away when you do it. It makes you feel sad, mad and very very bad. So something inside me asks me to give away the lost milk to Aisha - I know I look weird to all of you.
Third reason is the scientific reason. Breast feeding reduces breast cancer. Since I was not able to feed a child during my first delivery, I think I am more prone to breast cancer. So, may be feeding Aisha might help.
The last and fourth reason, I want Aisha to feel the safety and security she gets while I nurse her for a longer time. At least till she is two and half years old.
Coming back to the process of stopping breastfeeding, I think I'll follow the steps:
1. During the first month, I'll stop feeding her while we are out of our home.
2. The next step is to feed her while putting her to sleep, during her sleep time and when she hurts herself. Nursing is a pin reliever for kids.
3. Feed her only while putting her to sleep and during her sleep.
4. Feed her during sleep only. (I think this will be riskier as she won't go to sleep without nursing).
5. Stop feeding her completely.
Wish me luck!

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Jellybeans said...

I love your organised way of weaning. Thanks for giving me the idea, let me organise my tasks and start planning. Even I plan to stop nursing at around 2.5 years. But I need a vacation from work to accomplish it fully. Pray for me...