Clicks by Aisha.

Guess the person behind the camera now? Aisha. She wants mom's phone and then she starts the clicking. I sometimes hide my cam icon in a couple of folders and even then she finds out. Some of her astounding clicks -

Aisha's first shot:
Aisha's grandpa. I advised her to look for the face when she focuses a picture. Well, she focused at the face, but that was with her own eyes. 

Snaps of her cousins, and her little legs.


Fresh Farm Veggies.

My FIL is fond of farming. When FIL comes home from his garden, Aisha loves to dig out his harvests, and play with a few. Some sanps...

A fish from Grandpa's shopping bag.


Weaning Part III

Last month my main attention was to stop nursing Aisha when she is not sleeping. Usually she asks for 'milk' when she is in pain, angry or simply when she gets bored. I had to use many tricks, like focusing on something else. When she in pain, I used the treatment trick - used a tube of her baby cream as an ailment for her pain. Three balls of non-medicated homeopathic pills also do the trick. I have succeeded in it.