I took Aisha for her vaccinations. We had two follow-ups earlier, on her 15th day and 37th day. She weighed 2.5 kg on her 15th day, ie, gained around 0.25 after we left hospital. She was ok, the doc said, and there was nothing to worry about her pre-term delivery. On her 37th day, which was my expected delivery date, she weighed 3.6 kg, was 51.2 long with a head circumference of 36 cm. The doc said she has become a normal baby, ready to explore the world. He gave me a short counseling, ‘coz of my worry when the baby vomits or makes sound when breathing. Well, that was right. Her sleeping time has reduced from 23 and half hours to some 15 - 20 hours and she started to observe her surroundings. She smiles, she knows my sound and smell.
Her vaccination day was her 52nd day. She cried a little. My uncle was there in the hospital, a pediatrician, and he gave me advices about how to take care of her. Her belly button was protruding, which we haven’t noticed in any other babies. Uncle said it is ok to have protruding belly button till she reaches one year or so. I was relaxed.


Aisha's Day Out

I took Aisha for a get-together today. Usually in our place no one goes out with their children until they reach 90 days. But Hubby S gave me permission for the get-together, and so I went with my brother N. Aisha was happy. I saw four of my friends with their kids. Aisha was the youngest of all. She was glad to be out of the cold place, my home, and to be out of her flannels and blankets. She enjoyed the outing.
At around 4 pm, Aisha felt sleepy but couldn’t sleep with so many people and noises around her. And me, as a first time mom, had no idea about how to put her to sleep. Aisha started crying and then started screaming. I was planning to go home when my friend S, a mom of two, came to my help. She took Aisha from me, and cradled her to sleep. Aisha was asleep within minutes! Thanks S for your help! You are good Mom.
Aisha's First Day Out


Mummy Starts

Yesterday my mid-wife, Aisha's R-mom left. Now I'm here to take care of Aisha, with the help of my mom. Aisha was sleeping when R-mom left, and so she couldn't say goodbye to Aisha. Well, today I massaged Aisha with medicinal virgin coconut oil. Not that difficult as Aisha loves the massages. It was my mom who bathed Aisha, 'coz I was afraid if water would get into her ears and nose. Aisha was very co-operative.

Enjoying her massages!