The unfriendly girl.

We had two iftaar parties last week, one at my cousin's and the other at our relatives. I badly wanted a break, after sitting home all week, and I was really happy to go to the parties and meet some people. I was excited and Aisha was too, she began to laugh loud when I stepped out of the house. But Aisha's mood changed when we reached the party. The hosts, some of them seeing Aisha for the first time,  came to play with her and I think she got frightened. She began to cry. Aisha has become more unsocial now, because its been only 'Mom, Dad and Me' since we reached Dubai. Aisha gets fussy when someone else tries to grab her attention.
To conclude the story - it had a bad ending. My break of the week was a flop. Aisha was crying all time that I had to carry her in my arms. My arms went sore by the time I reached home. I couldn't have a peaceful chat with the relatives, nor was I able to enjoy the dinner with Aisha squirming and whining in my lap.
The good part is that, as soon as we departed and got into the car, Aisha was all smiling and shouting again. Her world has now converged into three of us. I wonder what will it be like when her Baba, Chachi and Deedi comes here after their vacation.
The bottle-wall to keep her away from the kitchen.
Aisha has also started picking particles from the floor and mouthing it - paper being her favorite. Its unbelievable - she can grab even the tiniest particle, a piece of thread or a strand of hair or anything small. Today she pulled open the kitchen cabinet, tore a piece of plastic from the food wrapper and swallowed it. I tried to snatch it from her mouth but she started yelling. I was afraid if it would get stuck in her throat, so I decided not to grasp it. I gave a lot of water to drink so that the piece of the plastic paper would go down to her belly.
She whimpers when we say a soft 'No'  to her mischief. She shrieks when we snatch anything from her hand, and yells when we say a stern 'No' to her or calls her name in fury. She repeats her mischief and when we give her a second warning, she starts crying, with the tears cascading down her cheeks. Our anger gets evaporated at her tears ( and I think she knows it), so we take her and cuddle her.
She loves to play with water, even if its a drop of it. She spreads that on the floor with her tiny fingers. She pees, and instead of crying like she did earlier, now she sits up and plays in it. I have to be alert all time. Silence means trouble.
Bath time is now war time. She wants the cup, soap, soap box, hand shower, towel, bottle of oil etc etc. The other day, while I was pouring oil into my palm, Aisha tried to snatch the bottle and the oil dropped into her eyes. I cleaned her eyes with a lot of water, and thank God, her eyes were alright. Alhamdulillah, she still enjoys her bath.


The Organic Blonde said...

Please try and remember Aisha is still very young and Inshallah, she may very well grow out of a lot of these behaviours. She is a beautiful little girl. Remember also, living in the Arab world like we do, people are not often aware of what to do with Rainbow children. They just aren't that educated and indeed, many don't even raise their own children to know what to do with others'children. Have faith. In advance of Tuesday, Eid Mubarak.

Jenn said...

Little ones get into everything! It's like they suddenly grow 13 arms or something. Hang in there, Mama!

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

Oh I remember these times and in some ways I am still there with you. It's a phase where she has learned that you're her protector. She is aware that people are strange and that frightens her. Little Bit is still in this phase though it is easing up. He is 19 months old now so I am hoping it will pass soon. It will get better <3

Amalia said...

Oh I could have written this exact same post a month ago.

Nora wouldn't go to anyone apart from me. When we were in England I had to carry her the whole time, she even got upset when anyone else would try to touch her. It made it hard to enjoy the holiday.

She started to refuse to eat food but then later I would see her eating pieces of paper or crumbs of food off the floor.

She hated bath time for such a long time and screamed whenever her feet even touched the water.

Then all of a sudden she changed and became very sociable, eats everything we give her and can tolerate the bath.

I'm sure the phase will pass and you will think back and it will feel like a lifetime ago.

Hugs to you. xx

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Oh she is cute.Don't worry much about her .

Your blog is so loving .Full about your rainbow :).

Following you .Follow me back.