This was a suggestion from my friend S from Canada. So that we could compare, learn and practice the best way to bring up our children. She has started her site, about her Rainbow baby.
Description for a rainbow baby is:
A baby who is conceived after a miscarriage/still birth/infant death. I've seen many people say this, as in describing a "rainbow baby": 'The rainbow at the end of the storm, the light in your life'. The storm being the miscarriage/still birth/infant death & the rainbow being the baby they have successfully carried to term without problems/complications.
I too have a Rainbow baby. My first child a boy, Muhammed, whom I call Hamdu Mon died during my delivery, due to hyper-coiled umbilical cord. The delivery was on May 13th, 2009, a normal delivery. Now I have Aisha, born on November 1st, 2010. I dedicate this blog to her and Hamdu Mon. This blog will have news of Aisha, tips and tricks to make your babies days brighter, etc etc. Actually I don't know what all to put down in this blog. So you can expect anything.
The photos of this blog are taken by me or my family, with no Photoshop added. Anyone can use them, but I would be grateful if you put a link back to my blog. Thankyou.
Suggestions are always welcome, for the blog and the posts. Remember, there will be cultural differences and everything I say will not be correct (sometimes everything I say will be wrong! ;) ).
Go on and I hope you enjoy!