I'm Bored.

Its the first day of Aisha's second week at school, and I'm already getting bored without her near me. I feel like stopping her school. Aisha doesn't cry anymore, but in the mornings she says she feels sleepy. There is no fuss, Alhamdulillah. She gets excited once we are out of our home. She still believes in the small lie I told her, that I'm waiting for her in the shade of the tree near her school. I explained to her today that I cannot always stand there, I've got to work at home. But she asked me to stay near her school for today, and I agreed. Once at school, she grabbed her bag from me, handed it to her teacher, removed her shoes and put it in the shoe-box and sat in her place. Oh, my God, Masha Allah, how much has my little girl grown up! I couldn't believe she could do all of these by herself. She is still my little girl! She called me and waved me good-bye. I was in tears, I didn't want to leave her. She shouted, "Mom, wait for me in the shade!" I struggled to say yes, and then I returned home. I wish it was 3 pm soon. A whole week has stretched itself, and I wish it was weekend again so that I could get my girl back to me for the whole day!
Monday morning mirth.

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Party of 5 said...

Ah, she looks so lovely all ready for school. I understand you are missing her so much. I always loved having the little ones around and feel lost and empty when they leave the nest. She looks so happy to be out in the world though, you have done a great job.