Some not so good updates.

There are a couple things about Aisha that worries me. I don't know if its common-normal or if its a rare-normal behavior. I thought I would share it, and if there is anyone who goes through the same conditions, we can at least give it a break - I'm not alone.

Aisha doesn't suck her feeding bottle. I don't know why she doesn't do it, but from day one of her weaning, she never sucked any liquid from her feeding bottle. What I do is, I take liquids in a small weaning bottle, put a nipple to it, and squeeze the contents to her mouth. How long will I have to wait until she learns sucking the nipple of her feeding bottle? She sucks alright when I nurse her.

Aisha is allergic to eggs. When I first gave Aisha the egg yolks from India, she ate it and was fine. I gave it for three consecutive days and then stopped. Aisha seemed alright. But on the day when we came to Dubai, Aisha vomited a lot after I gave her the egg yolk. I blamed on the long journey. I gave her an egg yolk again, after one month of reaching here. She vomited again. After much pondering about it, I found out that when Aisha vomited both the times, I have given her the egg yolk in the evening. So,  may be the evening factor is the reason, I thought. The other day, I made tomato-egg rice for me and plain rice for Aisha. I felt sort of guilty for making a good meal for myself and giving Aisha only plain rice. So I added a spoon of my rice with Aisha's. That was at noon time. At around 5 pm, Aisha started vomiting! That makes the egg the culprit. So, NO more eggs to Aisha. But every one says you should give kids eggs, right? What shall I do?


Nishana said...

Salaam Najee,

That's really sad news.

* Bottle sucking- I personally feel that's okey. I have very rarely given bottles to Liya. Try to feed her using spoons and by age of one she should be able to drink from a sip-up cup. My doc also suggested not to use nipple after a year old.

* Egg york- that seems to be strange. Are you giving brown egg or caged hens egg? The latter one may be allergic. Are you giving her half boiled? If so, try giving her small bits of hard boiled york. Giving half boiled eggs are very common in our place, but doctors are strictly against it as it might create allergies and infections.

Did you start giving her chicken soup? If she can't eat egg at all, you can try with soup. That must be good for her *it can't replace egg, still she will get good supply of protein*. Soup without salt or chilly.

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Salam sis...well I have been through this before so I will just note a few things.

Firstly, alhamdullelah, Aisha is fine, and now you know that she is allergic. May Allah always take care of her (and you).

Second, I am sorry to say but while egg yolk allergy is very rare it is still a problem. We had the same issue with Iman.

Our Dr told us that it was unlikely since family did not have a history of egg allergies, so we just tested again and it was for sure.

After this, we waited until after 12 months old to introduce egg yolks. Amira didn't have those issues with eggs when she was a baby, but she had other allergies that were far worse... so it is touch and go.

Just so you know...Amira is deathly allerrgic to other things so we (even now) are always on the look out.

If Aisha eats something that she is allergic to, symptoms like hives, swelling, or trouble breathing usually show up within minutes to two hours after eating a specific food. If Aisha has a severe allergic reaction, it can be life threatening.

My family has suffered very much from this with Amira and in the early years we had an epi-pen.

In some cases, though, food allergy symptoms likes eczema or stomach/digestive problems like vomiting or diarrhea persist.

Eczema is dry, scaly patches of skin that would show up on Aisha's face, arms, or legs.

You said that Aisha ate this before and was fine. That's true... she can have a reaction to a food even if she ate it before without any problem.

Sorry for the long post...take care of yourself, and it's best to keep a food journal for Aisha, just in case something else arises.

Salam and kisses to Aisha.

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Oh, and about the bottle, Rainbow takes a sippy cup.

Sucking he nipple of the bottle doesn't necessarily come easy to Aisha because all nipples are different.

Naturally, she will want to suck, but the mechanism may be different. Maybe you can wait and see.

Here we went through it for 3 weeks, Rainbow would cry and throw his bottle...However, I am not big on plastic anyway, so when I am feeding him I simply feed him from a glass jar.

I found that by doing that I was teaching him to sip, instead of suck.

I don't know, it wasn't planned, it just happened.

Aisha will be okay, it's a lot of work trying to make sense of what makes them happy.

About Aisha said...

Salam Salma & Nish,
Thanks a lot for your comments. It helped a lot to ease my worries.
About the bottle sucking: Aisha can sip from her glass, Alhamdulillah, she started sipping at around four or five months. The issue of sucking is greater when we go out, when we are in the car. I cannot give her any liquids in a glass while the car is moving. So I thought I would give her some 'sucking lessons' and changed into bottle feeding even at home. But all in vain, she is determined not to suck!!!
About eggs: I gave ger cage-free eggs, both half boiled and hard boiled. Both times she vomited. I think the egg is the problem.

About Aisha said...

I have given her chicken, Alhamdulillah, there is no problem with it.

Grandma Bonnie said...

You have a lovely daughter. I wish you the best with the sucking problem. My grandson was the same way he would nurse just fine but never wanted to suck a bottle. So when his mother went to work I feed him his milk with a spoon until he could drink from a cup. Now he can drink from a sippy cup with a straw.
Stopping by from VB. Have a great week.

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

I don't know much about these things but hope Aisha don't have much problem .May she be happy little girl.,amen.

Thanks for your comment :).
Hope to you come back .

Lots of love for you and Aisha