Breast Feeding Week

Thankyou sister Salma for reminding me about the breast feeding week. For everyone else, please visit Chasing Rainbow to know more about breast feeding and breast feeding week. I would like to put my breast feeding experiences here.
Breast feeding is not the easiest way, rather it is the tough solution. Yo have to wake up every hour at night, search for a private room when you go shopping and miss some of the nice events at a party when your baby is hungry. But if you want the best for your baby, then the toughest seems easier. So I chose breastfeeding for my munchkin.
I plan to breastfeed her for at least two years, insha Allah, and may be some four to six months more if I can. Till she reached six months, her menu consisted only of breast milk. I started her weaning when she was six months old. I'm now giving the priority for breast milk, and will do the same until she is one year old, insha Allah.
As a mom, I enjoy breast feeding. There are other advantages too. I can eat fatty and sweet food without worrying about my cholesterol or blood sugar levels. I used to avoid such foods earlier, as a precaution. When planning a diet, I don't have to worry about my size, 'coz breast feeding will always keep you in figure. And some studies say moms who breast feed their kids for long are less prone to breast cancer.
As a muslim, Allah has bestowed His mercy upon Aisha in the form of breast milk, and what does it mean if I deny it to her? I'm denying one of Allah's mercies to her. Doesn't it mean that I'm a bad mom, to deny God's mercies to my child? Allah has even made the fasting optional for lactating women. Fasting is an important pillar of Islam, and isn't it one of His greatest mercies to the babies to make the fasting nonobligatory for the nursing moms? If Allah is so merciful, shouldn't we, mothers, be also merciful to our kids? I don't fast on all days of Ramadan now, even though I want to. When Allah has put an option for the benefit of my baby, why shouldn't I go for it? I fast for two to three consecutive days, and then take a break for a day.
Have you thought about the moms who don't have enough breast milk to feed their babies?
I would also like to take this chance to support all nursing moms. Please do not stop breast feeding your kid for your easy life or at the words of others, and do remember to give your baby the best - Breast Milk is the BEST.

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Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

MashaAllah, you put it all into perspective with your post.
It is very hard when you go outside and you need a private room, it is so difficult.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I think it is all worth it.

I plan to nurse until Rainbow is 2 years as well...May Allah reward us and protect our babies from harm.