Growing Fast.

It was a very busy weekend, doing Eid shopping and Aisha becomes more naughty on weekends - she knows dad is here to pamper her. She learns everything faster now-a-days and her developments have become quicker.
She knows to kiss. She gives a big SMooooooooooooCH *for mom & dad only*.
She is trying to stand up, holding on to furniture. Staggers and falls, sometimes banging her head on to something. Mom has to be alert 24x7!
Aisha waggles her head when she hears music, Mom singing or any rhythmic sound (including Mom's drum beats).
Aisha loves to point her forefinger while I read the BIG alphabets in the newspapers or magazines.
Her nursing habit has changed. I think, as a to-be women, she too has learned the art of multitasking. Its like sip a little milk- take a look at my hair clip - sip - pull my ear - sip - pull out a few strands of my hair - sip - play with my zip -sip - poke my eyes - sip - squeeze my nose - sip - explore my mouth - sip - .... Her ten minutes feeding time has now turned into half an hour time.
Aisha knows to switch on the music on her walker.
I wish she becomes more social too!!! Tomorrow we have got an iftaar party with hubby's colleagues and their family. I have stopped planning for parties now, with Aisha's stranger anxiety growing worse each day. I earnestly pray that everything goes alright.


mamawolfe said...

Oh, the challenges of being a mom! She will be fine. When they're babies, they seem to control everything we do!
visiting from Vb

Tania B said...

Cutie! Hello! I am your newest follower from the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop. Please follow me back and feel free to drop by anytime!