Aisha is trying to stand up all alone now. She hasn’t yet succeeded – reaches half way and falls. But she keeps trying.
Aisha has changed a lot during the past two weeks. Her sleeping time has changed, and I think she doesn’t get enough sleep when her cousin wakes her up with so much of noise. She doesn’t eat well too. I am really sad for that, ‘coz she always ate her food till last week. But now, I have to force it on her, making her shout and scream. The girl who used to eat three meals a day now doesn’t want even one! She also hates porridges now, she wants something to nibble and crunch. She loves biscuits, but I don’t give it much because I think home made food is better than ready made food.

Her pooing habit has also changed. She used to poo early in the morning, just after waking up. Potty-ing was easy for me. But now she doesn’t poo at a particular time and everyday. Sometimes she poos only after two or three days. I believe that’s because her eating habits have changed, she eats less now.
I think teething has started, and I don’t know if these changes are because of that. I wish she would turn back normal soon. It worries me a lot.


♥●• İzdiher •●♥ said...

These are all good news ,Masha Allah except that she is not eating well.Hope its temporary.
It is great that she is trying to stand up.Yeah her poos thing is because of change in her eating

May Allah bless her.

You are invited for tea party and been tagged in my post .

Nishana said...

Welcome back Ayshu...

Glad to see your updates.

Liya also had change her pooping timings around this age. Earlier she had time tables and pottying was easy. But by 10-11 months she had started talking that she was able to convey me 'the message', so time table changes were not a big deal.

I think it is normal and nothing much to worry about it..Kids are growing to take 'decisions'... I hope she will be back to normal soon..

Loves to Aysh,

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Change is good sis. It could be because of her little cousin, or it could be because of change.

When we moved I did notice a lot of change in Rainbow but within a few weeks he was doing other things too.
Some things were because of change, while others was just growing up stuff.

Has her weight changed much? If teething is a culprit then eating habits will be affected. I do give Rainbow ready made foods when he won't eat anything else. He needed to put on the weight, but of course he was teething months ago.

I expect that she is excited to have another little friend around.

Also, I saw that Aisha is 11 months and 2 days, I cannot believe she is so close to Rainbow's age.

Salam alaikum and love to Aisha (and you of course)

Amalia said...

Hi, glad to hear your updates on Aisha :)
Nora went through the exact same thing around 11 months. I remember well because we were in England. She went for a few weeks without wanting to eat at all, she just spat everything out. She then got 4 new teeth so I think that is what caused it.
Then she started eating like a horse again. She has recently become less hungry and I see 3 more teeth so I'm not as worried as before.

Hope she gets her appetite back soon :)