Aisha has got a new toy from her grandpa (my FIL), brought by her cousin Z. A mobile phone. As usual, at first, she was a little hesitant to play with it, but now she has got used to it. She knows to press the keys now, and she bites the small LED light on it – which makes me a little afraid when I give it to her.
She loves to stand holding on to anything, her dad’s books (here), her walker, the sofa etc.
She loves pulling her cousin Z’s hair and Z’s feeding bottle.
Pulling Hair.

Aisha loves Z a lot and Z is her role model. But she gets irritated easily when Z comes and hugs her. And Z don’t like it when Aisha crawls to get her crayons and drawing book. Aisha hates it when Z taps her head, and Z climbs on the sofa when Aisha scooties around on her walker. Aisha bumps and bangs on the furniture and anyone standing in her way. So Z is afraid if the walker will hit her leg.
Aisha loves to hear the ‘dum, dum’ noise when she bangs her head on to the wall or the door. She also bangs her head on our kitchen table, to hear the clinging noise of the vessels.  She now knows that banging two items will produce a lot of noise, and she enjoys  that!

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The head-banging is Rainbow's favorite too.