Busy Time

It’s been a very very busy week. With so many people at home, I can’t find enough time for blogging. Sorry guys for keeping you all waiting for a long time. Aisha’s 3 and half year old cousin Z is here. She throws bits of paper, morsels of food and pieces of her toys on the floor and Aisha is busy mouthing it. Looking after her is getting more troublesome each day.
The other day she broke a ‘chip resistant’ plate, and the pieces were all over the floor. I sweeped and mopped twice so that there were no small fragments on the floor for the kids to get hurt. Next day Aisha was sitting quietly under the table.  As I said earlier, silence means either peeing/pooing or trouble. I thought she was pooing and I took her to potty. She was chewing something. I put my fingers in her mouth and raided, to retrieve a piece of the porcelain!! Alhamdulillah she was never hurt.
Climbing up and falling is her favorite pastime now.


Nishana said...

Good going little girl..:)

These little pies get to see all teeny weeny things which our eyes never catch. I am more worried about the coins, I keep hiding them but Liya has mastered the art of finding it..

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

I am smiling right now.

She could be Rainbow's twin mashaAllah. Such trouble they are.
We find many things in his mouth. He even ate dirt and leaves when we went outside.