Give her some sunshine.

The summer has gone to sleep and autumn is creeping across dubai with its splendid evenings. Most of the residents have left the entertainment of shopping malls and have started enjoying nature. We too took Aisha to the pond pak near to our residence. It was fun as there were many kids and babies, some people who came out to burn their fat and some of them who ran away from their tight schedules and boring city life. 

Ready for a slide.

Sunshine and fun...I don't know how long it will stay because winnter is not far away. But now, let me try to get the maximum under this bright sky and tranquil weather.


To the beach.

I've always wanted to take Aisha to the beach, but never got a chance until yesterday. I thought she would enjoy the water, as she likes to play with water at home. And yes, she loved going to the river near our home in India. So we took her to the beach. Although we left at some 5 pm, we lost our way for a couple of times and by the time we reached the beach it was dark. We parked and walked towards the sea. Contrary to my belief, Aisha was frightened of the sea - the sound of the waves scared her. I tried to ease her and get her into the water, but she was adamant and held tight on to her dad. There were kids playing in the water, people swimming and even I immersed my toes into the water. Aisha watched all these, but never got down to step into the sea. Well, this was not how I imagined the trip!!
We got to the land where Aisha enjoyed her time playing with the sand and watched the lights of Burj Al Arab changing its colors. 



I always use the phrase ‘I’ll give you something else’ while communicating with Aisha. It often comes out, like when she is not eating her food, I allure her by saying, “After your food and I’ll give you something special.” Or when she is fighting for a toy with her cousin, I’ll distract her from it by saying, “Aisha here is something else for you.” And yesterday, it hit me back.
Aisha was playing with her doll and I asked her to give me the doll.
Aisha : No.
Me     : But I want the doll.
Aisha : No
(I acted crying)
Aisha : Mom, I’ll give you something else.
Me     : ?!!!!
One day, while I was busy cooking, Aisha came to me and said, “Aisha poo.” I just didn't listen to her. She sometimes says ‘poo’ or ‘pee’ to get my attraction. For my sake, I decided this was one of those moments. She repeated it 2 or 3 times and went away. A few seconds later, hubby called me to say Aisha has pooed in her panties. I quickly take her to the washroom, when she says, “Aisha said Aisha has to poo.”(You didn't listen to me!)
I’m busy washing the dress when I suddenly notice that the house has gone silent. My instincts tell me trouble is on the way. I call out, “Aisha… what are you doing?”
Aisha : I am doing nothing, Mom.
Relaxed I resume washing but silence for a couple of minutes more makes me nervous again.
Me    : AISHA….Where are you… What are you doing…
Aisha: I’m doing nothing.
The pin drop silence made me pause my work and tiptoe to the hall, to find Aisha in the middle of a pool with wet newspapers, tissues, spoons, vessels and clothes surrounding her! The water jug lays empty on the floor. And she said she was doing NOTHING!!

Aisha :Mom, Aisha fell and got hurt.
Me     :Where, dear.
Aisha :Here.
(She points to her bruise and I give her a kiss on it.)
Me     :It is all gone now.

A few days later, I cut my hand with the knife. I tell hubby I have hurt my finger. Aisha comes to me and asks, “Where, Mom?” I show her the cut. She kisses on it and says, “Its all gone now, Mom!” Well, the cut hurt less after the kiss and I felt lot better! I think the medicine should introduce the kiss-therapy for pain relieving. 

Some PS brushes used to change the background... I couldn't show the messed up room behind her.



Plucking flowers.
 Aisha peed on her doll and she started to wash it all by herself.


Morning visitors

The climate has changed and we no longer keep the doors and windows closed. And today, when I switched off the a/c and opened my window, we had a surprise waiting for us. Guess who came to visit us in the morning? They feast on the dates, sleep on the palm...

Aisha loved to watch them.