Tea Party

Thankyou Izdiher for your tea party. Loved it a lot. I also loved the snacks... the photos looks very yummy.
From my side, I don't drink much tea, except for some... tea parties. The problem is hubby takes his tea from office, and I'm too lazy to make a tea for myself. So I live without the tea. I only know two kinds of tea, one is the black tea, with sugar and no milk. The other is the milk tea, with sugar and milk. I love to make the tea more noble by adding some cardamom and a vanilla seed (or pea, whatever you call it). There is a third one, the lemon tea. I take it when I feel something wrong with my stomach. Its a black tea with a few drops of lemon in it.   For my guests, I'll be serving the aromatic milk tea, with cardamom, vanilla and sugar. Hmmm....I can feel the smell in the air.
Ooopppss...sancks? I don't have any idea. With so many of my friends from different parts of the world, what do I do? I'm not a good cook and so guests at home always brings worries. When guests are from around the world, I surely don't know what to do. May be I'll try out some easy recipes, and some ready-made items. At least they can enjoy the ready-made ones.

Click on the snacks to get the recipe.

Question -  Answer:
According to the tradition, here are few question which you have to answers :please join my tea party here by answering the following questions by adding your answers to the comments section:

1. What tea are you choosing for the tea party?
2. What sweet dessert(s) would you serve if the blog-sisters came for a visit? (Please link
 * to the recipe if it is online, then we can all try it at home :-D)
3. What's your favorite movie? Or your 2-3 fav. movies?

4. Please share some words of wisdom.

My answers:

1.I said it, the Milk tea with sugar, cardamom and vanilla.
2.Butter cookies, Prawns parcel, rice pancake layered with chicken masala and cutlets or samosas (Hope everything 'cooks' right)
3.I don't know. I don't watch much movies to select a fav one. On a general note, I love classics and movies with a message in it.
4.Wisdom? From me? I'm not a wise person! I'll put an advice that my high school principal plus our maths teacher gave us - Always smile, during happy times and hard times.

I'm giving my tea party to:

As the rule goes... please arrange tea parties and have fun with your fellow bloggers. Thanks for the visit and comments. 
Hope you enjoyed...


Anonymous said...

Oh a tea party! Love it! Thanks for the invite, I am a tea addict so this party is one I shall attend.
Ok the tea I am choosing is a camomile and honey tea.
For dessert I feel like a wonderful slice of Black Forest Gateux (ok seriously I am hungry now as the virtual tea party needs to be become a reality now!) If my sisters came to my house for tea time I would have to give them a lunch or dinner before we had tea time...taste better that way.
This week I am feeling for some action so maybe I'd bring Braveheart, Troy or the recent Batman with Christian Bale.
words of wisdom I am sharing is something I planned to post on my blog some time this week but will share here too.

A wise man was once asked:
What is the meaning f the word 'woman'.
She is like the surface of glass, transparent that you can see inside.
The more you wipe it gently it will shine an you will see your reflection on it as if the woman is preserving your image inside her shyly.

If you break it one day it will be very hard for you to collect the shattered pieces.
If you did manage to collect the pieces it will be very hard to put it back the way it was.
It will be always disfigured. Every time you pass your hands on the fracture zones (scars) you will hurt your hand.
Peace2 u all!

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

1. What tea are you choosing for the tea party?
- Lemon and honey tea is my favorite.

2. What sweet dessert(s) would you serve if the blog-sisters came for a visit? (Please link * to the recipe if it is online, then we can all try it at home :-D)

- I would serve almond truffles and coconut snowballs, and apple crisp (I have to find the links on my blog to these recipes)

3. What's your favorite movie? Or your 2-3 fav. movies?

- I don't have one, but I love Coronation Street.

4. Please share some words of wisdom.

-practice means to perform in the face of obstacles, over and over again (not my words, but I love them).

Thank you dear for the tea party.
Salam alaikum

Nishana said...

Najee, Thank you so much for invite. I will share it soon..:) I have few awards to look into before that.

Ha.. btw here is my gift for you and Ayesha. Enjoy!

Karima said...

I saw you on all about Liya and thought I would come over and check out your blog. I too had an invite from Izidher, small world! Now following you, Karima

Bonnie said...


Ok for tea I love Somali tea with cardamon, cloves, cinnamon bark and a teeny bit of ginger.

Something sweet because I am weirdo vegetarian health freak I would bring some wholemeal bran and blueberry muffins or if it was one of my off days then some triple chocolate brownies

As for movies I love anything girly with a happy ending happy ending but my fav all time movies are the twilight ones!!

Words of wisdom ;)

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”
― Dr. Seuss