Weekend Wandering

Yesterday we decided to go to get some fresh sea air, and drove to the palm Jumeirah. Palm Jumeirah is a small man-made island built in the shape of a palm, crowned by the luxurious hotel Atlantis on its crescent.
Palm Jumeirah*

Aisha loves the tunnels, there are two of them which we often use. One of them is the underwater tunnel from Bur Dubai to Dubai and the other is the tunnel under the Dubai Airport that joins the first and second terminals. The runway of the airport is built on the tunnel. Yesterday, on our way to Atlantis hotel , we had to pass another under water tunnel, and Aisha was thrilled to go through it. I don't know what makes the tunnel so interesting but I guess it is the lights.
The image is not clear as Aisha was crying when taking the photo.
The trip was not a pleasant one for Aisha, as she got frightened of the raging sea. We wanted to breath in some some air, but what we got was a huge storm. The waves splashed on the rocks to spray the water droplets in the air, and the thundering sound frightened Aisha. She clung on her Dad's shoulder. To me, the sea looked like an angry man shouting at us for robbing his land (sea). Even I felt a little scared to see the sea in its full fury! The twilight and the almost full moon never looked like an added glory anymore, with the chill still  in my stomach. All I wanted was to run out of the place and take Aisha away from there.
 Aisha has started teething, with a small portion of her right bottom central incisors popped out of her gums. She has started biting me when I feed her, and the rule is: I should not shout or make any painful sounds when she bites me. Or else, she will burst into tears. She knows crying is a good tool for her.
Aisha has started feeding us, with her imaginary food. She grabs her 'food' from an ice-cream bowl we give her to play and extends her hand to our mouth. She forces her tiny fingers into our mouth.

*Images from Google.


sunny said...

Aslam'o Alikum,Aisha is looking so cuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeee in the pic,you discribe it very well,well done.

Nishana said...


Looks like you had a great day.

My love and hugs to little girl!

Once A Mother said...

it's so hard when they bite during feedings you poor thing... thank you for sharing this beautiful pic with us

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Oh no, not teething. It's such a long process.

I love your photos.