Fever - Updates

Alhamdulillah, Aisha has recovered from her sickness and is now the buzzing bee once more - although she was not a mothball when sick. She has a running nose though. I was also bed-ridden yesterday, with cough, blocked nose and throat infection. Happily the temperature never soared. Hubby was here to look after Aisha as it was weekend, and so I took a half-day rest. Alhamdulillah, I'm almost fine now, with the homeopathic treatment. I stopped the medicines for Aisha, now giving her the Mexican mint juice twice daily. She loves it and wants more of it. It was a bit difficult to give her the modern medicine, with Aisha writhing and sometimes screaming.

Aisha had difficulty in sleeping. She woke up every half an hour when she coughed our sneezed. It was only yesterday that she slept almost through out the night. With Aisha waking up every half an hour, I too had difficulty in sleeping. It was hectic, with sleeplessness, cold and pain. alhamdulillah everything is over and alright now.

The newspaper on October 13th reported the news of common cold sweeping through UAE as the temperature cools. There has been a series of dust storms, and I think the dust inhaled induced the cold and fever. You can feel the change in the air everyday. The temperature makes a sudden fall, not a slow transition. You open the water pipe today and the hot water gushes out, burning your hands. Tomorrow it will be tepid water. And day after tomorrow it will be cool water. Such is the change.
There in a myth in Kerala, my homeland - infants gets sick at every milestones of their development. Like, during the first month they get sick on the last days or first days of every week. During the first three months, the period widens, by getting sick on the last days or first days of the month. The frequency falls down again and they get sick only once in three months. And then they get sick before they reach one year, two year and so on. Getting sick doesn't mean that it should be fever. It can be anything, from gastrointestinal problems to infections. It can be pain in the body parts, vomiting, fever, cold, cough or anything, sometimes so small that you don't notice it while she cries. As the time period increases, the intensity also increases, ie, when it becomes yearly, the ailment will be severe. This is only a myth, but coincidentally, Aisha has got sick before completing her first year.
Gulf News: Common cold virus sweeps UAE as weather cools


♥●• ─░zdiher •●♥ said...

may allah safe her from every other disseses .

Award for you .Check my blog .

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

I am happy to hear that my little niece is doing so much better.

I am sorry I have been away fromn the computer for a few days...even for the Wsave of Light.

InshaAllah you will get some more rest as well.

sunny said...

Hi Aisha,i lke your blog,hope you will visit mine too