When I was pregnant and in hospital with all tensions of the cord problem, I wished it was all over, so that I could have a day without worries. But now, my worries had doubled, or tripled? Well, not tripled, but multiplied by many umpteen times. I stare in the dark, not knowing what to do. Is it normal?
When Aisha laughs, I'm worried - will too much laughing make her sick? When she doesn't laugh, I'm again worried. Why is she not laughing? Isn't she happy to see me? Am I a bad mom? Questions go on and on.
As any mom, when Aisha cries, again I'm worried. But when she doesn't cry, again I'm worried! Sometimes, when her nappy is wet, she doesn't cry. Usually she screams. Likewise, sometimes she doesn't cry when she is hungry. Keeps quiet and stays still. I get worried why she is so still. I start putting her on potty, feeding her etc.
I'm worried about her present, future and everything. I'm worried when she doesn't eat, when she coughs, sneezes, vomits,... In short, I worry about Aisha all time.
My question is, are you too like this? Or is it because I'm a first time mom? Or am I abnormal?


Nishana said...

Well, I had/even have it often..:) I feel it's quite normal. After all, that's what a mom is meant for..

But NO need to worry for, as Almighty is there for us.. and He showers hims mercy upon us..

Chasing Rainbow said...

I agree with Nishana, and I have young and old children. We can only put our hopes in Allah's hands. Children are strong...Allah knows that they cannot speak. He knows that they are vulnerable, and he knows that parents are not perfect.

If you stop worrying then there is something wrong. We must always think and care about the state of others...not just our children but all children...not just our Muslim sisters but all women everywhere.

I hope that Allah will bless us mothers with peace and guide us in the right way so that we can be good parents and wives and Muslimahs..ameen.

About Aisha said...

Salam sisters,
Thanks for your comments. May Allah take care of our little ones, and help us in parenting them.