Making Coconut oil for Aisha.

Well, I'm leaving my home country to join my husband in Dubai. Its been one year since I came here when I became 5 months pregnant. Now Aisha is 8 months old. Leaving with Aisha makes my packing more difficult. I need to take her food, her oil for massaging her, her medicines in case she get any diseases and her dresses and other utensils.
My mom has started making virgin coconut oil for Aisha. She cuts four or five coconuts, grates it and squeezes out the milk. She then boils it until the oil gets extracted and the thick residue is sedimented.

Grated cocnut

Cocnut milk
Coconut milk boiled until the oil gets extracted.

Aisha's cocnut oil.
Two bottles of oil is made - one for her hair and the other for her skin or body. For her hair, my Mom puts the flower, flame of the wood (Ixora Coccinea) in the oil when boiling. For the body oil, she adds turmeric.
Flame of the wood.
Flame of the wood flower is good to cool down the head and get a good sleep. It also protects skin from diseases.
Turmeric, as all of us know, is very good for the skin. It increases complexion, fights fungal and bacterial infections, smoothers the skin and stops unwanted hair growth on face etc.


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

I didn't know this about tumeric...thanks for sharing .

Nishana said...

Takes me back to home..:) I had tried this virgin oil for liya with turmeric but she was allergic to this and had to stop.

Glad that Aysha enjoys it..:)