Eight Months old.

Aisha stayed in my tummy for eight months. And now, out of my tummy for eight months. How fast time flies! Aisha has grown into a sweet little naughty girl now. Rolling all around the place, grabbing everything she can reach. She rolls under the chair or table and kicks it making the opposite leg to smash on her head. And then she screams! I take her back to a safe place from where she rolls again and repeats the same action!

And yes, Aisha has started biting everything she gets. I don't know if her teething is on the way but she gives me pain when I breast feed her.
Trying to eat a Water Apple (Chambakka).

Biting an unripe guava.

Play time.

Rain rain go away, little Aisha wants to go out!
I've started giving cooked vegetables to Aisha. But on one condition, the veggies are home-grown. Thanks to my parents, uncles, aunties and in-laws for growing veggies in their garden. I get bottle-gourd, a variety of spinach, bitter-gourd, ladies finger and peas. I also got ripe banana from a far relative. Among the fruits I give her mango, jack-fruit, guava and water apple, everything grown at my home. And thanks to our landlord in Dubai, we get good dates from him. So, all organic food for Aisha. The finger millet I was giving her was cultivated at mu Aunty's (mom's sis) farm and the special variety banana powder was from another Aunty's (dad's sis) farm. I plan to give her an egg yolk, may be after 10 to 15 days, and that too I bought from my dad's cousin. He has hens with him, and feeds them with organic food only, with no feeds bought from markets and no hormone injections. I know this all-organic food system won't last long, because once in Dubai, I have no other option. Well, something is better than nothing!

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Nishana said...

I bet you will get organic items in Dubai. May be you need to pay a little higher. I still give Liya organic items only, including egg. It is very much available in US, and many things were available back in Hyd too.

I appreciate your choice of food and I have seen people frowning at me for not offering 'baby foods' and tinned items for Liya. Ppl often ignore the fact that our kids' health in future depends on how we choose their food too. (rest everything is with Allah, we have to do the best from our side)

Good Luck sis!

may Allah bless you all.