First of all, thanks to Jellybeans for her comment and her post, I'm very happy and honored to know that this blog was a inspiration to you!
Wondering where I was for the past one month? Well, I have got some bad news. My Father-in-law bought some woods for our wood burning stove and we had to pile it neatly in our garage. It was a tiresome work, in the hot sun. Of course, Aisha joined in for help. I stopped the work half way, because Aisha was 'working' with us in the sun and I was afraid if she would become ill.

My Mom-in-law, who was there to complete the job, fell ill the same evening. Within a day, like I anticipated, Aisha was also bedridden. And on the fourth day I too became sick. Almost everyone in the house was whining, groaning, coughing, sneezing and blowing their nose. Although the fever gone, no-one has completely recovered from the illness. Aisha is getting sick after two months.
Aisha's favorite pastime now is to eat the tender mangoes that falls from the mango tree. The summer has its benefits too- summer is the time for sweet mangoes. But now, its unripe and sour. Aisha loves it though.
Well, there is another matter - I am going to visit my parents next week. My elder brother and his family will be joining us and they are going to meet Aisha for the first time! Moreover, my younger sister-in-law is expecting her baby in April. So, its busy time with a family gathering, baby shower etc. I don't know when I'll be able to come back to my blogging world, but until then, hope you will all wait for me and the stories about li'l Aisha.
Have a happy April! Get in touch with families and friends and let God shower His blessings on all of you.
PS - My Sister-in-law's baby is also having the same problem that occurred for both of my little kids and took the life of my son- cord around the neck. Please pray for her and the baby. 



I think, until now, the updates of Aisha has been mostly about her motor development. But now its mostly about her language developments.
Aisha can pronounce her name correctly, Masha Allah! I never thought she could do it so quickly. I believed the digraph is a difficult phonic for the babies to pick up. But brilliant li'l Aisha has done it. Well, here stands the proud MOM! She has also started using two syllables together, like Ma-Ba, Ba-Pi or Da-Pa while speaking. Looks like she has started creating her own language! Earlier she used to make a 'kolakolakola' sound, but now its something like Ma-Ba-Pi-Di-Tha-La-Pa-.... She speaks faster and louder when she is angry. It makes us laugh to see her shouting at us in her won language.
Aisha can understand almost all Malayalam sentences said to her, and also some simple English commands. Aisha can identify an 'A' in her book. That is the only alphabet she knows in her A-B-C book. She points to the cat and makes a 'meow' sound, knows the parrots (thatha in Malayalam), ball, elephant and doll.
Coming back to her motor developments, she learning the art of climbing a chair to reach the higher/safer places that is out of her reach. Once she gets mastered in it, we'll have to search for new heights.
Aisha's new book - The Malayalam Rhymes book.


Enjoying an evening.


Gardening - Part 2

Aisha has started imitating everything we adults do, sometimes bringing in a lot of troubles. She loves challenging jobs- the more adventurous, the better. Loves to chase the chicks into the coop, as her paternal granny does. The other day her grandpa was working with some fertilizers he brought from the agricultural department. Aisha wanted the sack of fertilizers all for herself! And yes, she has started potting plants!
Some snaps of her daily activities:
Planting a tree.

The potted plant.

Playing with the fertilizer sack.

Helping grandpa with the fertilizers.

Chasing the chicks into the coop.


Summer Styles

Its still spring time now, but the summer sun has already started boiling the earth below it. I really don't know what I'm going to do before the rain comes pouring in during June. Aisha is sweating all the time, and has developed some skin rashes too.
We had a marriage function to attend and I bought some cotton dresses for Aisha. I selected some simple frocks, as I didn't want the dress to cause more discomfort to her already sun-burnt skin. 
Ready for the Wedding Eve.

Dressed up for the wedding.

Waiting for the bride and groom.