Settling down - again.

Aisha settled down quickly than I thought, getting close to her Dad, Aunt and Uncle. I have always anticipated this situation, where everyone is a stranger to her. But Alhamdulillah, she acted promptly and wisely. The only problem is, she doesn’t like it when hubby S touches, sits or sleeps near me. She is so possessive of her Mom! Whenever S comes and lie down near me, she pushes him apart and gets between us.
Another change in Aisha is she has started eating well, Alhmadulillah. She has also put on a little weight, Masha Allah.
The climate is a bit harsh here, and so Aisha has got to stay indoors all day. She loves going to the park, but that too is a luxury that comes only once in a while. I take her out for some 10 to 15 minutes every day at dusk. She waits by the door when it is time to go out.
At park.

The best place to go during the summer is the shopping malls, where she can run along and enjoy herself. So we take her to the malls every weekend, for shopping and window-shopping.