Taking care of Aisha.

I wanted to write this post long ago, I don't know what kept me from doing it. I think everything has a time. This post is dedicated to my Mom, Aisha's granny, who taught me to take care of her. As a mother of five, and having a long time experience with children (mom's younger sisters and brothers, my brothers and my niece and nephew) I think Mom is excellent in taking care of babies and kids. She taught me a lot of lessons, some of it I follow, some of it I try to follow (with little success). Mom never gave her ear to any of the myths followed by the people here. That was one of  her greatest qualities, swimming against the tide is very difficult.
Aisha used to stop crying whenever Mom took her, from her fist day onwards. I don't know what magic she had, but that was a truth. Aisha loved to sleep in her arms more than mine. I think even Aisha understood that he granny is good at taking care of babies.
When I started weaning for her, I was at my in-laws home and didn't actually know how much to give her or when to stop. So weaning time was terrible for me and Aisha. But when I reached my home, Mom gave me instructions about how to feed her. She asked me to stop feeding whenever Aisha acted like she doesn't want to eat. That made my weaning more easier.
Mom advised me not to give Aisha canned food, she always chose organic food, giving home-grown veggies the priority. I still follow it.
She also refused Aisha TV, PC and mobile. Mom never allowed me take Aisha infront of the TV or PC. She took Aisha from me whenever I wanted to watch TV or browse the web. She never allowed me to make a call with Aisha. I know this sounds a bit odd or anti-tech, but I'm sure technology has its own disadvantages. In Dubai, I try to follow her advice, but sometimes it doesn't work. I can't ask everybody to switch off the TV when Aisha is in the room, nor can I lock Aisha in another room. So it doesn't work when someone else is here, but when we, me and Aisha, are alone, I never keep her infront of the TV. I manage to keep her away from my laptop (except while chatting) and mobile. I don't know how long this will work. When Aisha grows she will insist on playing with all these gadgets!
Aisha never slept at night during the first four months. It never occurred to me that the problem was with the light in the room. But Mom found out. One day she switched off the light, and Aisha fell asleep. And the moral is, no lights and dim lights in the room. I stick to it even now.
Mothers in Kerala give kids an oil massage before their bath. Many of them massages the kids with a lot of oil. Mom never did that. She massaged Aisha with what oil was necessary. Never bathed Aisha in oil! Everyone was against this, but Mom never listened to them.
When Aisha gets a cough or cold, she takes some Mexican mint leaves, extracts the juice and gives it to her. Aisha will recover in minutes. Mom takes some Tulsi (Holy Basil), extracts the juice and oozes out a drop or two into Aisha's nose when she suffers a running or blocked nose. She breathes fine after a couple of hours.
In Dubai, I miss her advice and opinions a lot. I have to make a call to her everyday to clear my doubts.


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

It's nice to have a mother's reassurance isn't it?

Aisha is growing beautifully,mashaAllah.

Um Zakarya said...

MashALLAH your mom seems to be such a sweet and patient person.I really love people who have the courage to go against traditions if they feel they're not right.
May ALLAH SWT keep your mom healthy and give her the best in this Dunya and Al Akhira.Ameen!