10 months!

Wow, that sounds great. Two more months and its her first b'day! 10 is always great. Aisha has grown 'two digit' old, lolz. Big deal.
She imitates our face expressions. Claps her hand. Tries to gargle the water I give her, trickling it down her chins. She knows when Dad and Baba are ready to go out, she starts to mewl. She gets excited when I dress her in new clothes, and when I change her diaper - she understands that it means going out.
She rolls to kitchen and out of it, opens the cabinets all by herself. 'Helps' Mom a lot. She slithers in the kitchen until I finish cooking.
She loves to sleep near her dad. Rolls to me when she is hungry, and rolls back to her dad when she is full.
Anybody walking in her vicinity should take her. Or else she starts to cry and kick her feet.
She laughs at herself in the mirror. Earlier, she used to smile at my reflection, but now she loves her reflection. She loves watching babies and toddlers, in real life or on TV.
At times, she is a bit afraid of strangers. She was very friendly with everyone when in India, but now (I think that's because she sees only me, her Dad and Baba all week) she is becoming a little unsocial.
Aisha doesn't know to suck liquid from a bottle. She just bites the nipple of the bottle. So I use a weaning bottle to give her water or juice. I put a nipple to the weaning bottle and squeeze out the liquid.
That's all about Aisha's 10th month. I'm looking forward to the Ramadan month. 

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