When kids get bigger to feed themselves.

Aisha wanted the weaning bottle for herself, and we had a fight for it while feeding her. Here is the result.

She puts her fingers and toes in her mouth while feeding. A bath in the porridge is the result.

And the innocent look that says, what have I done?

I feed her after her bath. Aand bath her again after feeding her. Thank God, she loves it.


Nishana said...

After few days, she will learn that she actually doesn't want to eat but wants to feed her MOM..then you will have great time...wiping away tables, clothes, floor..toys... and everything around..:)

But, they are darn cute..and a greatest blessing!

Amalia said...

she is so beautiful masha'allah! Thank you for following me,I am following you too :) Hope we get to know each other better x

Anonymous said...

Wow, two baths a day! You are a dedicated mommy. My two eldest are 16 months apart, so I didn't have the energy to indulge them. But it's beautiful thing for a mom to do. They grow up so fast.

The Substantive Mom