Did I tell you? Aisha has started saying 'Ta', 'Ma', 'Ba' and 'Pa'. Isn't that wonderful?
She started saying 'Ta' first, two weeks ago, may be because she hears the word 'ta-ta' often, which we say when we go out. She loves to go out, and so, her priority was for 'Ta'.
She calls me 'Ma', when angry or sad, while crying. I think 'Ma' came from Umma, meaning mother in Malayalam. 'Ba' is her Baba, her dad's brother and 'Pa' maybe for her dad, Uppa in Malayalam. These are the words we speak to her often, and so I think she picked up those.
Waiting eagerly to hear her next words....


Nishana said...

Salaam Najee,

How blessed we! Those vague bits of words, they pick up from us make a great wonder ryte? Allah is great! Enjoy your time as 'baby talking' and babbling advances..:)

May Allah bless!

Um Zakarya said...

Assalamu Aleykum sister,

Mabruk on your rainbow's first words!MashALLAH I love her outfit on the picture!
My son's first word was "sh, or sha", as in france you call a cat "chat" and a dog "chien".He has always loved animals and would go all "shaaaaaaa", whenever he saw one of those lol.

Nishana said...


Liya's first word was 'Tha' too. And you know what..? There is a myth among the elder people in our place, where they say, kids who start with 'tha' would be chatter boxes as they grow up..so wait...fingers crossed... you never know what's gonna come..:)