Aisha sits.

Yesterday Aisha sat all by herself! It was surprising, as I have never her seen trying to sit. So it was totally unexpected. I once read about my friend's little love standing on her feet unexpected, and so I knew kids always did the unexpected. But I never thought it would come this soon.
We bought a new walker for Aisha, and me and hubby were installing it. Aisha wanted to 'join' in but as there were many screws, nuts and blots included, we put her off. She started fussing and then suddenly - she sat up!

When she saw our excitement, she was also amused.  She started laughing.

On her new walker, she runs around the home!!


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

MahsaAllah, I love the first picture. May Allah bless her always and guide her to be a pious Muslimah.

Amalia said...

That's so great! Well done Aisha!

Nishana said...

How sweet Masha Allah! Wait Najee wait... a lot more to come..Her face says it all.:)