Before Two We Will...

Another invitation from my friend Salma to share the stories about out little ones.  I'm happy and glad to join in and set the aims for my race with Aisha. Insha Allah, I hope I'll be able to strike all of them before Aisha reaches two.
Chasing Rainbow

The rules for the list are:
  • Strike it as soon as we have completed an assignment.
  • Link it to the post (You can click on the date to view the post).
  • Share it every month with Rainbow's blog.
And now for the list!
  1. Visit India - and that means visiting grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins (both from dad's side and mom's side). 12.12.11
  2. Go to the river and play in the water (hope she doesn't get sick)16.4.2012
  3. Learn to make Burj Khaleefa with mega blocks. 18.10.2012
  4. Learn to say Bismilla and Alhamdulillah. 25.10.2012
  5. Pray with Mom and Dad.30.07.12
  6. Go to the zoo.
  7. Hold a chicken and/or rabbit and/or kitten.
  8. Learn to dance. 24.02.12
  9. Get some mosquito bites (and increase her immunity power!!)
  10. Watch and/or play in the rain. 26.4.2012
  11. Pluck some flowers. 15.09.2012
  12. Swing. 10.12.11
  13. Get into a public bus and/or train in India. 29.12.11
  14. Travel in the metro train in Dubai.02.07.12
  15. Play with mud and sand. 06.02.12
  16. Climb on a tree.
  17. Read books.
  18. Read Qura'an.
  19. Climb stairs. 14.12.11
  20. Go to the beach. 25.09.2012
  21. Fill up mom's WD Passport with photos and videos.
  22. Play in a puddle. 14.05.12
  23. Wear a Sari. 22.05.12

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