Building Burj Khaleefa.

Playing with blocks means building Burj Khaleefa. Aisha knows what Khaleefa tower is, but of course she doesn't know its the tallest building on earth - at present. I don't know when she will come to know it, or when she will understand the concept of longest, fastest, tallest etc. At present, anything big is Burj(= tower) Khaleefa.
Coming back to the building blocks, Aisha empties the packet on to the floor and demands, "Mom, Burj Faleefa." She pronounces the 'Kha' as 'Fa', although she uses the 'Ka' sound in many other words. I attach the blocks on top of the other, building a strong base and then the tower. She is happy to see it, but kicks at the bottom of the structure as soon as I finish. She learned the habit for my nephew who loves to 'destroy' anything he makes. I love to keep the building as it is but Aisha likes to break it and rebuild it again.
Aisha made her 'burj khaleefa' yesterday, with a little help from my side.

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