My niece-in-law, Z, came to me with her kid's magazine and asked me tell the story of the pictures in it. I took the book from her and explained the story to her. It was about a cow and calf, I don't remember the whole story now. Aisha was also with us, listening to the story. I though she understood nothing.
Next day, when Z had gone to school, Aisha picked up the magazine and came to me. She turned the pages until she saw the cow, and then said, "Mom, story!" I thought she was just imitating Z and believed that she would never understand a story. So I took no notice of her. After sometime, when she understood that I am too busy to listen to her, she started saying the story herself. "Mom cow... baby cow. Baby cow... look... water. See... in water... baby cow. Baby cow... frightened..." and so on. I was surprised. I felt guilty for underestimating her. Once again she taught me not to belittle anyone. And she showed me she is growing fast, faster than I imagined.
Aisha, my sweet little pie, has also started saying 'Alhamdulillah' when she sneezes. Although not always.

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