Aisha is trying to stand up all alone now. She hasn’t yet succeeded – reaches half way and falls. But she keeps trying.
Aisha has changed a lot during the past two weeks. Her sleeping time has changed, and I think she doesn’t get enough sleep when her cousin wakes her up with so much of noise. She doesn’t eat well too. I am really sad for that, ‘coz she always ate her food till last week. But now, I have to force it on her, making her shout and scream. The girl who used to eat three meals a day now doesn’t want even one! She also hates porridges now, she wants something to nibble and crunch. She loves biscuits, but I don’t give it much because I think home made food is better than ready made food.

Her pooing habit has also changed. She used to poo early in the morning, just after waking up. Potty-ing was easy for me. But now she doesn’t poo at a particular time and everyday. Sometimes she poos only after two or three days. I believe that’s because her eating habits have changed, she eats less now.
I think teething has started, and I don’t know if these changes are because of that. I wish she would turn back normal soon. It worries me a lot.



Aisha has got a new toy from her grandpa (my FIL), brought by her cousin Z. A mobile phone. As usual, at first, she was a little hesitant to play with it, but now she has got used to it. She knows to press the keys now, and she bites the small LED light on it – which makes me a little afraid when I give it to her.
She loves to stand holding on to anything, her dad’s books (here), her walker, the sofa etc.
She loves pulling her cousin Z’s hair and Z’s feeding bottle.
Pulling Hair.

Aisha loves Z a lot and Z is her role model. But she gets irritated easily when Z comes and hugs her. And Z don’t like it when Aisha crawls to get her crayons and drawing book. Aisha hates it when Z taps her head, and Z climbs on the sofa when Aisha scooties around on her walker. Aisha bumps and bangs on the furniture and anyone standing in her way. So Z is afraid if the walker will hit her leg.
Aisha loves to hear the ‘dum, dum’ noise when she bangs her head on to the wall or the door. She also bangs her head on our kitchen table, to hear the clinging noise of the vessels.  She now knows that banging two items will produce a lot of noise, and she enjoys  that!


Busy Time

It’s been a very very busy week. With so many people at home, I can’t find enough time for blogging. Sorry guys for keeping you all waiting for a long time. Aisha’s 3 and half year old cousin Z is here. She throws bits of paper, morsels of food and pieces of her toys on the floor and Aisha is busy mouthing it. Looking after her is getting more troublesome each day.
The other day she broke a ‘chip resistant’ plate, and the pieces were all over the floor. I sweeped and mopped twice so that there were no small fragments on the floor for the kids to get hurt. Next day Aisha was sitting quietly under the table.  As I said earlier, silence means either peeing/pooing or trouble. I thought she was pooing and I took her to potty. She was chewing something. I put my fingers in her mouth and raided, to retrieve a piece of the porcelain!! Alhamdulillah she was never hurt.
Climbing up and falling is her favorite pastime now.


Getting busy.

Tomorrow Aisha's chachi, baba and her cousin Zahra deedi is arriving home after their 2 and 1/2 month long vacation. I'm waiting to see how Aisha is going to welcome them, espicially Zahra. Aisha loves kids, she enjoys watching them run about. I think she will get along well with Zahra, but I doubt it with her baba and chachi.
From my part, its going to be busier as Aisha won't be taking her usual naps when there are so many people around the home - resulting in a more troublesome girl. I won't be able to be online often from now on. Besides, we get our internet connection only in one room, its their room. So , I won't be able to put posts regularly. Hope my readers will still keep up with me for those once-in-a-blue-moon posts, insha Allah. And Thankyou.
The I-want-to-do-it-alone girl.


News Reader.

Tuesday Treats...

Hot News.


A cut out of the news!!


A for Allah...

... and M for Muslimah.
Eid is over, and so is the short vacation. Aisha is getting used to the normal days now, with some difficulty. The main problem is the sleeping time, she doesn't want to sleep at 9 or 10 pm now. Day before yesterday, I took her to sleep at 10 pm. She was making a lot of trouble and not allowing her Dad to sleep. So I took her back and she went on to play till 12 am. She slept till 12:30 pm, waking in between for her feeds. Yesterday, Alhamdulillah, she slept by 11 pm. Her eating habits have also improved.
There are some wonderful updates too.
 I think Aisha has started saying the word 'Allah' now, or she says something that sounds like Allah. I am sooooooo happy. I think that's her first word. When we repeat "Allah", she also repeats it. I think I will be able to capture a video soon and share it with you.
Aisha extends her hand if we say 'Assalamu alaikum' (Peace be upon you) to her. I don't know if she will give a shake hand to strangers, I haven't tried yet. But to her Mom and Dad, she certainly gives a shake hand.
When she sneezes, she waits for us to say 'Alhamdulillah' (Praise be to Allah). She listens to it, and then smiles. She knows that there is something to be said after sneezing - and she loves to hear 'Alhamdulillah'.
Growing into a pious Muslimah? Alhamdulillah.
Aisha can point to her eye, when we ask her 'where are your eyes'. I told you about her kiss, right?
She knows her Dad is at home, even if he locks himself in a room. Earlier Dad used to study by locking himself in, but now he can't do it. Aisha knows he is in the room, and she bangs the door! So, Dad's studying to do the multitasking - study and baby sit at the same time. Mom's waiting to see how successful this is going to be.
She also enjoys a game of peek-a-boo. When playing hide ans seek, she hides her face on to something when I say 'hide' and turns laughing when I say 'seek'.


Happy ten months...

Two more months and Aisha hits 1! Should I laugh or cry?
Helping Mom.

Happy Ten Months.