Hair Bands.

Inspired from the blogs of creative moms, I too tried to make some hairbands for Aisha. With glue, ribbons and plain hairbands, I made these bands with changeable bows so that I can attach a bow that matches with the color of her dress. Here are a few snaps from my work table.

1. Loop the ribbon around the band.
2. Make bows. I have made some bows with ribbons cut from Aisha's old dresses.  Some of the bows are from Aisha's dresses.
3. Stick the bows to a clip and attach the clip to the band.

Not great, but not bad too.


Eid-ul-Fitr 2012

Ramdan is over and now eid is also over. Back to the normal schedule - office hours are till evening unlike in Ramadan when you have to work only till noon. I've to cook breakfast and lunch separately when in ramadan I cooked for iftar, dinner and shuhoor at one time. Sometimes I feel that was easier. All your cooking for the day is completed within a few hours.
Eid dress.
Well coming back to eid, we went for the eid prayer in a nearby school. By the time we reached the school, it was time for prayer and the roads were blocked with the traffic. I stepped out of the car and walked across the road ( in dubai, you can never do it on a normal day) among the cars. It was really fun to break the rules. I met our family friend on the way. After the prayers, I met some of my ex-classmates (my 12th grade classmates whom I have not seen for years) and I was really happy to see them. Now this is the spirit of eid - celebration with family and friends. Aisha was not that happy, she was hungry and sleep deprived!
After prayers we went to meet my sis-in-law and had our breakfast from their home. Lunch was at another relative's house.
In the evening we drove to Hubby's cousin's home, from where I met another friend whom I was seeing after 12 years. We had lots to say and so little time. She was a very good friend of me. We promised to exchange the rest of our stories through phone before we said goodbye.
It was almost 1 am when our day ended - happily with the smiles and hugs of my friends and family.
Going to meet her relatives.
With her eid gift - tablet.


Mehandi and chocolates.

I was doing the Mehandi for the first time for Aisha and was not sure if it would harm her skin. So I applied it only for some 10 minutes and removed it. I started putting the mehandi while she was asleep, but she soom woke up. 
We got some eid chocolates from Hubby's office. Well, Aisha had the lion's share.

...Waiting for eid


Kerala Style.

My co-sis has sent Aisha a beautiful silk skirt, a traditional dress worn by lasses in southern India. Aisha loves it so much.
And here comes Aisha's first google search.

We make rice porridge for the post-tharaveeh dinner and Aisha love the spicy porridge with sauteed peas. Enjoying her midnight dinner!


My Blog Is all gone wrong!!

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 and that made my blogs look the way they look now! I synchronized my google account on the phone and all the images on my google account got downloaded to my gallery. I didn’t want these photos on my phone, so I simply deleted it from my gallery. The images were automatically removed from my account too. When I checked back my blogs, there were no images in it. I’ve lost all my images!!! I don’t know what to do; I’ll have to sit days and weeks to put back the images. Well, let me try. I am sure I’ll not be able to put back all the images, but let me try to put some of it. I don’t know why deleting those images from my mobile phone caused it to be removed from my google account too. They should have at least notified me about it. Sometimes gadgets make your life worse.