Sari Sensation

Sari is an unstitched strip of cloth draped round the body. The cloth is usually 5 meters long. There are many different styles of wearing a Sari, the most common being Nivi style, where one end of the Sari is tucked into the underskirt worn beneath it, wrapped around the lower body once and then gathered into pleats which is tucked in the waistband of the underskirt. The cloth is then wrapped once again around the body, over the blouse and then draped over the shoulder, with or without pleats. It is a lovely dress worn mainly by the ladies of Indian subcontinent, although I’ve seen similar wrappings of long cloths on some African ladies too. It is very difficult to wear the Sari beautifully and gracefully. But once you wrap it neatly on your body, you will look like a princess – with your curves displayed perfectly and the petal like pleats.
The Sari has another factor too – you will want to wear one only until you are able to wear it. At least, that was the case with me. I longed to wear a Sari since teenage, but never got any chance wear it. Usually it is married women who wear a Sari. I waited patiently till my wedding day on which I wore a Sari for the first time. A silk Sari. My hubby bought me some four to five Saris, which I wore for some parties. By then I was no longer interested in Saris. The problem is the difficulty to wear it gracefully.
My MIL always wears Sari, and Aisha often tries to imitate her, using my shawl as a makeshift Sari. She wraps it around her body, walks two steps, slips and falls. Well, as of now, she too longs to wear a Sari. So one day I dressed her up in a Sari, with my shawl.

There was no underskirt or blouse, as you can see. Just the Sari, tucked in her panties.  She loved it a lot, especially at the thought of being granny, my MIL.


Unknown said...

Oh how cute mashAllah!

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Chasing Rainbow said...

Aww, I love it, I love seeing her smile too