Motor developments:

Aisha can walk, run, climb stairs, jump, climb on chairs and get down all by herself and do almost all activities an adult does. Aisha has got six teeth, 3 up and 3 down.

Social Developments:

She knows her immediate family, i.e, grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins. Knows all of them by their names although she calls them with a single name, either Mummy or Mamma. She is still scared of strangers, especially the ones who try to play with her. She doesn’t act scared if the strangers don’t give her any attention.

Linguistic Developments:

Aisha can speak some words now, both in English and Malayalam.
The English words are – sit, stand, come, cup, daddy, mummy and baby.

The Malayalam words are  - kakka (crow), kozhi (hen), chappathi (pan cake), meow (cat), bow-bow (dog) and poovu (flower).

Aisha can also sing the first two lines of the Malayalam nursery rhyme, 'Kakke kakke koodevide '(crow, crow, where is your nest?).

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