With the rain pouring down, it is easy to get wet and puddled. But I never thought Aisha would like to get dirty and dabbled with mud. Usually, she never likes anything wet, pasty or sticky on her body. She will ask me to clean it immediately. It does happen a lot of times during her outdoor playtime. She will dig in the mud, get her hands muddy and then come to me to clean it. Once I clean it, she will go out to play, dig in mud and get disgusted again with the mud. The process repeats for four or five times until I lose my patience and drag a yelling Aisha indoor. 
Today Aisha surprised me by playing in a puddle, though she never touched the mud with her hands. I think she loved the play with her cousins, who also joined her in the puddle.

They were marched straight to the outdoor bath-area after the play.

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