Dubai Summer Surprises - Part I

Aisha on train. You can see her older cousins behind her.

Summer in Dubai is scorching, and as I said, outdoor playing is out of the question. I think the government knows that and they have planned so many surprises for the kids during their vacation. Most of the expatriates leave for their home country during the vacation, so Dubai is kind of quite and hustle free in summer.  So we, including co-sister, my sister-in-law and I planned to take our kids to the summer events across Dubai. Both my co-sis and SIL were leaving to India for the vacation. As it was a ladies only group, we took the metro to reach the destinations. Aisha was getting on a train for the first time. She was thrilled at first, but later when she got sleepy, she began to cry. By the time we got out of the metro, she was yelling and everyone was staring at us!
Walking through the streets of Kidzania.
Our first destination was the Kidzania, a family entertainment center where the kids get to know how the real world works. It is mainly meant for kids above 3 years old, who can understand the functioning of banks, hospitals, groceries, police station, post office and many more. They can also learn how to make cookies, Coca-cola drinks, cakes, milk etc. They also take part in services provided by firefighters, police, doctors, engineers, air-hostesses and stewards, pilots etc.
As Aisha was not old enough for these activities, I left her to walk through the streets and enjoy the sights. After lunch, she fell asleep and so I took her to the prayer room where she slept soundly for a couple of hours. Later when she woke up, I took her to the infant play area where she had a kitchen all for herself. She enjoyed her time there.
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We spent the entire day at Kidzania, enjoying the different activities and learning along with the kids. Aisha was happy to see other kids playing although she was a bit reluctant to share the toys. A couple of times, she tried to snatch the toys from other kids. I have never seen her doing this before, and so I was a little surprised by her behavior.
Aisha also loved the currency of KidZania, the Kidzos, that she borrowed from her cousins. She takes it for real money and plays with it.
We came back home late in the evening after deciding to go for the next summer event, the Modesh world.

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Amalia said...

Wow the toy kitchen is amazing! Aisha is really beautiful and so grown up masha'allah

It seems like Dubai has a lot of fun events in Summer :)