Ramadan 2012.

Ramadan is here. I am fasting every day, unlike my last Ramadan when I did not fast on some days. Masha Allah, I don't feel much trouble even with the long fifteen hours of fasting. The only problem is that Aisha's schedule has gone all wrong.
Aisha sometimes wakes up for shuhoor. She then sleeps till noon, and thus misses her breakfast or takes her 'breakfast' at noon. I give her lunch in the evening and puts her to sleep. She wakes up just before iftar or after iftar, and then stays awake until midnight till dad comes home after tharaveeh. She is also not eating much as she doesn't see anyone eating during the daytime. And so she has lost some weight too.
Some snaps of Aisha's ramadan days.
Praying with dad.

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Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

MashaAllah...I have a great one of Rainbow with baba too, but can't find it. This is a keeper isn't it?