Dubai Summer Surprises - Part II

I never thought the tour to Modesh World, another summer event in Dubai, would be a disaster for me. I lost my camera from there. I was so sad, and is sad even now. Hubby bought it for me some months back, and now its gone! I kept it on Aisha's perambulator, and I think someone stole it from there. I lost all the photos I took on that day. When I called hubby to tell him the bad news, he consoled me saying that I should thank God as Aisha was not harmed. Well, when I thought about it later, I felt hubby was right. Aisha was sleeping in the pram when the cam was stolen. I went to the nearby food court to get some drinks, while my in-laws has gone to the washroom. I was so confident that no one would think of stealing anything from such a place, and that too within a couple of minutes. But I was wrong. Alhamdulillah, Aisha was not harmed! And yes, I learned my lesson. Never ever leave my belongings or Aisha unattended for a second - even if I'm standing in the VIP lounge of a seven star hotel.
Well, that was all my thoughts and feelings. As for Aisha, she enjoyed the day. She didn't like the rides, and she cried when I put her on a ride. But she liked the infant play area, which had slides, trampolines, seesaws and crawl-through toys.

I couldn't get any good pics without my cam. :(
After the picnic at Modesh world, Aisha points out the picture of Modesh whenever she sees one, on newspapers, televisions etc. There are many Modesh mascots put up across Dubai to inform and remind people of summer surprises. Aisha has got a Modesh mascot for herself which she feeds and puts to sleep.

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