Aisha is learning faster than I thought. She knows many rhymes, and even the chronological order in which it comes. I sometimes sit wondering at her memory power, masha Allah. Often I try to make her listen Quran, the small chapters (Suraths), so that she may learn it by-heart, like she learned the rhymes. But don't listen to it much, as there is no animations or music to attract her. I searched for video recitations of Quran by kids, but they are either not correctly articulated or they are the big  Suraths. If anyone reading this finds such a video, please share it with me.
I forgot to put in some changes I made in Aisha's life since I came to Dubai. The first one is, I started brushing her teeth with a finger toothbrush. Earlier, I used my fingers to brush her teeth, as she had only some five or six of them. But now, she has got nine or ten of them and sometimes bites me when I do the brushing, so I started using a finger brush.
Aisha has stopped using a potty. I use the trainer seat for the water closet, which is easier for both of us.
Aisha can understand a lot of words now, both English and Malayalam. She can say vellam (water), pattu paavada (silk skirt), deedi (sister), ta-ta (going out), choru (rice, which means food to her), kanji (rice soup), meemi (fish), poyi (went) and many more. I don't remember. She also uses the words get up, dress, car, plate, chicken, bye-bye, hello, water-bottle, bathroom and stuck (usually when her CD stops working). She also uses two words together, like deedi-water-bottle to say that it is deedi's water bottle.
She knows all of my in-laws now, and she calls her cousins, dad, uncle and aunt (hubby's siblings) by their name. She calls me Bhabhimma, which she learned from her cousin who calls me by that name.

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Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

My beautiful girl. I am so happy to see her.
Najeeba, did you visit Rainbow's unschooling blog? If you go to the links section you will find good links there inshaAllah.