What is Aisha up to?

Aisha is taking her first steps, MashaAllah!!! This is a moment to be happy and proud! My little girl has started walking. I'm patiently waiting for the day when she will run behind me.

And now for her daily activities.
Praying with Mom.

Playing hide and seek

Playing with Pussy.

'Helping' Mom cut the veggies.

Climbing staircase.

The sky was my limit, and with modern science, I can  go  beyond that!!!


Pieces of Sunshine said...

A lovely peak into Aisha's day! Sweet little clip of her walking, lovely.

Nishana said...

Salaam Najee!

Kids have much to do, when we live in Kerala right?

Glad that shez enjoying her stay in India.

Growing up really fast and we can't wait for meet you guys.. but dono when..:(

Kisses on you chubby cheeks - little Aishu!

sunny said...

sorry Aisha,for being late,this post is superb,i really like it,she is sooooooooo cuuuuttttttte:)