I hope you will forgive me for not blogging often. I have to tend to Aisha almost all day, and then I have this very very slow laptop. Our laptop is with Hubby and so I'm using another one, which is so slow and the keyboard doesn't work properly at times. Sometimes I get irritated and then stops browsing.

Hubby left to Dubai and Aisha   is making my days hectic by being very unsociable and unfriendly. She cries at the sight of everyone - her grandparents, uncles, aunties and neighbours, and I have to carry her always. She is also missing her Dad very  much, mostly at night when she gets to bed. She makes a lot of fuss!
Aisha got sick again, and the doc said that may due to her low iron level in her blood. He has also asked me to take a TB skin test or the mantoux test and a chest x-ray.  Low iron means low immunity. I'm giving her iron syrup, but that brings constipation. I have stop the syrup for a day or two, and then starts it again. She also doesn't eat anything and has got thinner. Worrying about her a lot.
Sunshine and shadows surprise her.

Christmas cake.

Coconut flower.

Sea shell necklace.
Some good news too. Aisha has developed her linguistic skills a lot, masha Allah, now she can say some words including Thank you. But the problem is that she uses it when she gives something to somebody, when we say Thank you to her. She has also learned the name of a lot of things, she points to the items when we say the name. 
Thats for now and hope I can see you all very soon, Insha allah.

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Liya said...

Dear Aisha,

I am so sorry to hear that you are sick again. Hope you will get better soon.

Praying for you!