Animal Friends.

Aisha is very excited to see so many animals around the place, from mosquitoes to cows. She has also learned the name of a few of them, like butterfly, crow and cat. 

Feeding the goat.
 We went to visit friends and relatives, and every one had at-least one pet in their house. Aisha was thrilled, she cooed, babbled and laughed out loud when she saw these animals.

Mother hen and chicks.

Aisha loves the cry of the squirrel, and points her fingers to the mango-tree where she found the squirrel for the first time.

 Pussy is a friendly cat at our home and is Aisha's best friend, comes to her when she calls. Feeding Aisha is easier when Pussy is around her to play with her.
Hope she will hold them one day.

The crow comes to pick up waste from vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. Aisha shouts when she sees one.

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