The Unfriendly Girl.

Aisha is very unfriendly and my hands are aching by carrying her all the time. I just wish there was a remedy for this. I knew she would be unfriendly with the family members for a few days, but never expected it to continue this long! Its been four weeks in India. Well, she loves the young members of the family, but often its only her grandparents who are at home. I think she has perceived that only young people belong to her family, lolz. She loves my SIL and the kids in my family. She never plays alone in the presence of any one except me, and never allows any one to touch her. She stares at any one new in the place when the person is not looking at her and turns away her head when he looks at her. Begins to cry when the person does anything to catch her attention, and soon yells when the person nears her.
She loves it when no one is looking at her, in the bus or any pubic places. Last week, I went to my mom's home to meet my granny and my maternal uncles and aunties. We decided to go by the bus, the most used public transport system in Kerala. She was very much excited to see a lot of people, especially the kids. Usually she sleeps during a major part of the journey, but that day she was very alive and wondering at her surroundings.
The funny part was that she wanted the money from the hands of the conductor and the mobile phones from her co-passengers. She extended her hands to grab them, but nobody understood her intentions. She has learned a knew rule now, 'Money is for Mamma.' Whenever she finds a paper money with anyone, she grabs it from them and gives it to me. Hmmm... not a bad manner, right? One day she will make her Mamma rich! Sometimes I feel ashamed, when she cries for the money, but there is nothing I can do except to let her cry.
And now for some shots -
Watching the ducks eat.

Full freedom!

Looking at Mamma's greeting cards.


Shakir Muhammed said...

i think you are a malayalee.
but even though your language and grammar seems to be of high standard.
i invite you to my blog to be a frequent visitor.
i saw your comments on my blog posts (thank you).
see you later.

Anonymous said...

MashaAllah sister your daughter is striving beautifully! May she be blessed forever and all your family. The ducks must be a joy for her to watch.