Going Home.

Its been long since I signed into my account to take a look at what is happening around. Well, we are in India now, and it took a while to get settled down. The trip was almost fine, Alhamdulillah. Aisha cried hard during take-off, when she felt hungry and sleepy. The air-hostess has advised me not to feed her during take-off and landing. So I had a terrible time during take-off. Hubby was there, but there was little or nothing we could do except to let her cry. Soon she slept.
At the food court in Sharjah Airport.

Standing alone at the prayer room
We were not able to book a seat on the Dubai based Emirates airline from Dubai to Kochin, so we had to opt for other airlines. Emirates is a good carrier. We decided to take the Jet Airlines, an Indian based airlines company, from Sharjah to kochin. It is cheap but their service is very bad compared to Emirates. Well, with what we payed, the service was good.
Aisha woke up only when we got out of the airport. FIL was there waiting for us. He came to hug his granddaughter but Aisha was very unsociable and close-mouthed. She stared at him when he was not looking at her, and looked away when he looked at her.
At home, Aisha felt more uneasy with Granny and our house maid running to take her and hug her. She kept quite or cried in their presence and laughs and plays when its only the three of us.
By the end of the day, with Aisha on my shoulders all time, my hands are aching!

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