Aisha learned her capital letters from A to F. She points other alphabets if we ask her, but she is not thorough with it. For some letters, like S, when asked she replies "Scooter", as in the rhyme S is for scooter. Same came with I - ice cream. The credit goes to an ABC learning game on my phone, which helped her to learn the letters. Now we have got another time-pass activity at home, to find out the hiding alphabets. I take a newspaper or anything that has letters on it, and ask her to find letters. We do play this game from every place - there is no place without letters around you. When travelling, I ask her to count how many As or Bs or Cs she sees, teaching her to count and the letters. It is a good way to keep her occupied. She also knows it when I write her name, although she does not know the letters in it.

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