No to Diapers.

I stopped using diapers for Aisha. Now that she started communicating her needs for nature's call, I decided to stop using diapers. We went for shopping, and I kept asking Aisha every half-an-hour if she needed to pee. She informed when when she had to pee. I never thought it would be this easy for a girl who never mentioned her peeing or pooing until two months back. She started to tell me her need for peeing/pooing as soon as we reached Dubai. I don't know why the change happened - may be because she sees her elder cousin doing it from here, while in India her younger cousin never mentions his pee/poo. anyways, Alhamdulilla, everything is fine now and we have said goodbye to diapers forever, insha Allah. But I have got a new packet of diapers with me, so now what do I do with it?

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