Learning self-sufficiency.

For the first time, Aisha ate her lunch all by herself. Until today, it was Mom or Dad feeding her. But today, with her cousin Z, she declared she too will take lunch herself. So I put some rice and her favorite yogurt curry, which she finished all by herself.
My little girl is growing 'big', masha Allah!

One of the reasons I don't allow her eating alone is the mess she makes out of it. But today she made it almost clean and complete. May be it is all my mistake of not giving her the opportunity to prove she can do it herself. Our kids grow up before we know it.
It has been months since I started teaching Aisha how to ride a tri-cycle, but she never listens to me. Last week, she managed to do it all by herself. I don't know how she suddenly started riding it. Kids are always full of surprises. 

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